Superhero Accuracy

4 Albert Features That
Can Help You Send Super Accurate Invoices


  1. Duplicate Your Invoices
  2. Preview

  3. Date & Payment Terms

  4. Invoice Timeline

Feature 1: Duplicate Your Invoices

If you’re repeat invoicing the same client, or generally invoicing for the same service or product over and over again - then there’s no need to keep manually retyping identical invoices. Just duplicate an already-existing one! Then, if necessary, all you need to do is alter a few details. 

Feature 2: Preview Your Invoices Before Sending

It’s very easy to misspell things or accidentally leave things out when you rush your invoices. How best to avoid this? By double-checking! If you make a habit of previewing your invoices before you send them to clients, you can easily minimise the errors and save yourself the embarrassing follow-up emails correcting yourself. 

Feature 3: Add An Invoice Date & Payment Terms

If you want to ensure your invoices are as precise as possible, to minimise all room for doubt and/or excuses by your clients - then you’d better start adding the correct date and payment terms to your invoices. Albert’s handy feature for this includes helpful cues to make it even simpler. 

Feature 4: View Your Invoice’s Timeline

In order to avoid being mislead by clients who might, for example, say that they have not received your invoice - you can check the status of an invoice. To do this, you must access its timeline. This is automatically generated for every invoice you send, and it reveals whether a particular invoice has been ‘sent’,  ‘viewed’ or ‘paid’. Most crucially this enables you to determine, within hours of sending an invoice, whether or not it has bounced your client’s inbox. (Note: Timeline updates will not always be in exact real time, and may have a few hours difference and/or delay).