2017’s must have health and fitness apps for trainers.

From personal trainers and yoga instructors, to physios and massage therapists, there are more health and fitness pros than ever.

The fitness industry is booming. And so is the health and fitness app world, with hundreds of nifty mobile tools available that fit seamlessly into your active, on-the-go lifestyle.

So work smarter, not harder. And discover the the apps to help you live healthier, spend wiser, get paid faster and take your fitness business to the next level.



For personal trainers and yoga instructors, Fitstar creates super-simple workout and coaching plans for you or your clients. What’s more it links up to Fitbit, so you can track progress on your mobile and smart-watch.

Cost: £6.40 a month, or £32 a year.



Invoicing clients is a pain, especially when you live life on-the-go. Create, customise and send invoices in seconds, get paid faster and take the hassle out of managing money.

Cost: Free!


Fit Radio

Sick of the same old workout tunes? Who isn’t. Simply set the style of your workout, and Fit Radio will provide the workout music with the perfect, daily playlists for energising workouts.

Cost: £2.99 a month



Count calories the smart way with MyFitnessPal. Punch in everything you consume, keep an accurate eye on your calorie intake in real-time and get clever about your nutrition.

Cost: Free!



Headspace is meditation made simple – perfect for finding 10 minutes of calm in-between clients. Like they say, a healthy mind makes a healthy body.

Cost: £4.99 a month



Kiss goodbye to jotting down workout notes. Track every rep, set and exercise in a few taps, and tailor you and your client’s workout plans accurately and easily.

Cost: £32 a year