10 Unusual Jobs: A Breadth of Ways to Earn Your Dough.

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It is not uncommon in today's job market for the professional to have dabbled in a variety of jobs. Let's face it, if a job offer is feasible enough and comes with the right fee attached to it, we all would consider adding it to our repertoire. Clean your taxi driver's toilet in a mongoose outfit for £100 per hour? Why, yes please, I could really do with the extra cash to fund my pet project.

Let's have a quick look at our top ten favourite (and relatively unusual!) jobs that can keep someone from tiptoeing the bread line, should the less trodden and left-field path become one’s choice:

1. Certified Ethical Hacker (£25,000 - £90,000)

An ethical hacker is a skilled professional who looks for vulnerabilities in target systems, using the same knowledge/tools as a malicious hacker exploits (known as ‘Black Hat hacking’) only in a lawful way.

2. Penetration Tester (around £47,000)

A penetration tester is essentially a legal bank robber or a mystery shopper of sorts, only the purpose of the job is to test levels of security within a bank. Nowadays the job is more suited to former secret agents and can involve identity theft, duping bank staff into revealing customer details and planting surveillance equipment in vaults.

3. Laughter Therapist (around £35,000)

When we laugh, our body relaxes and releases endorphins (nature’s painkillers) into the blood stream (luckily the body cannot distinguish between real and fake!). Most laughter therapists will come from a healthcare profession.

4. Pet Food Technologist (£20,000 - £50,000)

A pet food technologist’s job is to sniff, taste, eat and evaluate pet food. If dogs and cats could talk, they would probably be out of a job! Pet food tasters, I mean ‘technologists’, will spend most their days writing reports and thinking up new nutritional ideas and spins on pet food products - the more flavourful and immune-boosting, the better for our pets, right?

5. Chicken Sexer (£3.00 per 100 chicks)

Chicken sexers are no laughing matter, with a 3-year training period in order to develop the technique. The job requires a high level of accuracy, and for approximately 700 chicks to be checked per hour. Full-time sexers examine 1.5 million chicks every year on average, meaning they can earn up to £150,000! The oldest poultry keepers say that they can distinguish sexes by the chicks’ chirps :O

6. Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaner (£26,000 - £60,000)

Crime scene sterilization involves bio-hazardous/toxic waste, human body fluids, remains, blood and highly unpleasant smells. Need I say more? Historically, it was left to the family or survivors to remove any remnants of death and murder, but the industry has grown with murder rates and TV popularity. Crime scene cleaners aren’t allowed to enter the crime scene until the investigation is complete.

 7. Fake Mourner (£45-£50 per hour)

Sadly, not everyone is as popular as you or I. Seriously though, there are many well-meaning relatives who will hire out fake mourners to help increase visitors at funerals with low expected turnouts. They mainly are there to make up numbers, but may also go the extra mile of looking suitably sorrowful.

8. Food Stylist (around £21,000)

No, this job does not involve putting a beret on roast chicken. It’s more to do with the images of food you see whilst flicking through Instagram, cookbooks, magazine, ads or that episode of Masterchef you caught on telly last night. If it’s pre-dinner and you’re salivating at a well presented, glossy and colourful food image - chances are a food stylist had a hand in things.

9. Sex Toy Tester (£600 - £15,000)

A sex toy tester - or an ‘Orgasm Engineer’ as the inventors of the first male ‘guybrator’ call it - is like any other product tester, the only difference being they will have multiple orgasms every week on the job! Manufacturers and sellers of sex toys will contract a sex toy tester to write reviews on erotic blogs and review sites, sending them various, ahem, packages periodically, containing free products ;)

10. Professional Queuer (£12,000)

A professional queuer can be hired to queue for anything from limited edition products, gigs/concerts, auctions, doc appointments, prescriptions, train tickets or bank queues - you name it! It’s easy to see how this job has become more lucrative with tech companies and fashion labels creating hype around new releases and sales. Queues for the iPhone 6 started around 10 days before its release in London and new Nike products have been known to produce queues lasting weeks! 


The 3-Point Summary

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker,  Penetration Tester,  Laughter Therapist.
  2. Pet Food Technologist,  Chicken Sexer,  Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaner.
  3. Fake Mourner,  Food Stylist,  Sex Toy Tester,  Professional Queuer.

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