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Whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer or a photographer, your portfolio is your ultimate calling card when advertising your skills. Potential clients need to see your work before they give you work, so take care in putting together a package that sells not only your expertise but your professionalism.

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The internet is packed with places to get yours done so look at what your peers and influencers are using as guidance. Squarespace is our personal favourite. Ideal for those in the creative industries, it has a beautiful design and, after a free trial, costs only £26 per month for its services. That’s less than most people’s monthly coffee spend!


Get Engaged

As soon as you’re up and running, like, share and follow like your life depends on it. The objective here is to increase your following - the bigger your following, the more likely you are to get your message across and gain clients.




Engaging with a targeted audience is paramount. Following your influencer, liking their posts and engaging with others in the comments section will expose you to the right people. Messages spread fast in the social media sphere, so don’t underestimate the conversion rate of these connections.

Here are some notes to help you increase your following on the main platforms:


- Join groups in your field of interest. Make sure you don’t just publicise your service – try and engage in discussions and post your business offerings in response to questions.  

- When you have set up your business page, use the Find People tool by adding your email address to your account. This automatically searches all those in your address book that are using Facebook and offers you the chance to connect with your already-existing network professionally.

- Why not spend £1 per day to promote your page on Facebook? This is a cheap way to market your page and allows you to target your demographic, be it by age or by interest.


- Research and take note of the hashtags used by your community – when you post using those which are relevant to your expertise, you will ensure the right people are seeing your activity.




- Retweet and engage in conversation with your influencers and peers. One of the more fun parts of the job, not only will it market your work and increase your following, it may offer you a way to meet with future collaborators.

- Take advantage of topical hashtags – by engaging with what is currently trending and posting relevant material you will throw a wider net for your audience.


- Timing is everything so make sure your photo gets posted when your followers are most active. Think about their daily schedule and when they would be using this tool. If you need some extra help, apps like Websta will help you get insights about your posts, engagement, and relationships while you manage your account. 




- Fill in the bio section. Not only will this make your page and brand more personable, it will also give you the opportunity to link users to your website and other marketing materials.  

- Maximise your network on other platforms by synching Instagram to your other Social Media accounts.


Gaining followers takes time but it’s possible and profitable to build your audience on a shoestring budget. A little effort can go a long way and, before you know it, that hard-earned following will turn into fee-paying clients. Good luck! 


The 3-Point Summary

  1. Your portfolio is your ultimate calling card when advertising your skills. 
  2. Look at what your peers and influencers are using as guidance. 
  3. Get engaged. As soon as you’re up and running, like, share and follow like your life depends on it. 

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