"Minds without borders" Why we love living like our users.

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From day one, our team at Albert has been all about building the best product to help freelancers, contractors and other self-employed people live a life without limitations.

We believe that people like to be independent and to have the freedom to make their own choices. Good people do great work when they’re happy – this doesn’t come from 9-5 hours, in the same office, every day.

Our app is designed to facilitate this (by letting you send professional invoices on the go - we’ve made it as simple as sending a WhatsApp.) but, we’ve always known that to truly realise our vision we had to fully understand the freelance life and run our start-up like our users run their lives.

A unique team culture.

We think we have a view of the world that’s a little different. We are all still freelancers. And we believe creating our own space is far more important than an office space with colourful couches and a Fussball table.

The world is our office. Our recurring working locations include:

  • Trains, coffee shops, and planes (this article was actually written in the skies).
  • London, Manchester, Cheshire, and Brighton - all UK.
  • Lichtenvoorde - Netherlands.
  • Madrid - Spain.
  • Cagliary - Italy.
  • Serbia
The team on the 10am morning hangout!

The team on the 10am morning hangout!

In fact, the idea for Albert was first conceived basking in the morning sun at a breakfast table in California (a very different setting than most of our breakfasts in London!).

We think this is exactly how work should be: free, independent and not tied to a specific place. People who live their lives in this way are the people we want to build products for - free thinkers. Self starters. People with limitless possibilities.   

3 ways we live like our users


1 - We work hard. In our own time.

Freelancing brings with it freedom. And we make sure we schedule our work around our lives. If we want to go shopping on Thursday morning because it makes family life easier, we do it. If we want to run in the afternoon to refresh, we lace up. We believe building our own schedule improves our work.


2 - We get creative from our own locations

Different places give you different ideas and fresh inspiration. That’s why we prefer to support ourselves by giving each other the flexibility to work in different locations. If leaving the office a day earlier means beating rush hour traffic or a busy train station, we do it. Time surrounded by people you love and new impressions is just as conducive to work as being surrounded by a supportive team.

CTO working hard from his former town :)

CTO working hard from his former town :)

3 - We use the product we’re building

We are all freelancing for Albert and we use the app to send, manage and track our own invoices and cash flow. You can’t design, build and market a product without having a deep understanding of it. You need to use it everywhere possible to understand what your users experience.


Want to try Albert for yourself? We’d love to get your honest feedback. In return for a couple of minutes of your time, we’ll send you one of our #freelancelife tote bags for free!


The 3-Point Summary

  1. Albert has got an unique team culture > The World is our office!

  2. Three ways we live like our users: We work hard. In our own time, We get creative from our own locations and we use the product we’re building.

  3. Reminder! Freelancing brings with it freedom! :)

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