Six Must-Have Apps for Make Up Artists.

From the cool catwalks of Fashion Week to a bride’s Big Day, make-up artists are the busy bees tasked with keeping people pretty. While it may seem to be a life of excitement and pizzazz, those with the brushes in hand know that the pleasures come with great pressures to get things right. With expectations set high, here are the must-have apps that can offer make-up artists a helping hand:

1.     L’Oreal Make Up Genius.

You have never seen anything like L’Oreal’s Make Up Genius before. Using facial recognition technology straight out of Hollywood, this is the first virtual make-up application which allows you to try products on your reflection in real time. With a single click of your phone, you can get a flick of eyeliner or a splash of lipstick, or even try on Eva Longoria’s Golden Globe look for size.




The app will follow your reflection with spit spot precision. Sure, some of the looks are a little… overzealous but go easy on L’Oreal - with this app they’ve paved the way for the future. Not only can you transform yourself without wasting a single scrap of make-up, you are saving yourself precious time in a way that is also far more hygienic.


2.     Think Dirty.

Greener and cleaner living does not need to end with your Five-A-Day. Think Dirty is the app which arms the modern Make-Up Artist with the knowledge to keep clients clean of the toxins so often used in products today. The app uses a simple barcode scanner to look up the exact product ingredients and sums them up with a score on the ‘Dirty Meter’.

Not only will you know how potentially harmful these products are for the body, the app will then suggest cleaner alternatives for you and your clients. Handy, right? The industry is surprisingly less regulated than you would think so Think Dirty is your secret weapon to avoiding the nasty carcinogenics and endocrine disruptors which are rife.  They also have a beauty box available, use ALBERT10 to receive 10% OFF.


3.     Pretty in my Pocket.

PRIMP (or Pretty in my Pocket) is a make- up artist’s best friend. With a quick barcode scan, the app gives you instant access to reputable blogging star and user reviews, skipping the advertising spin and letting you know exactly how it really is. Straight from the blogger’s mouth, so to speak.




The beauty industry is a pricey one to be part of and PRIMP stops you from making those hasty purchases that end up being blunders, saving you some serious £££ in the process. Be inspired by the user and blogger looks also uploaded, with tags linked to the used products available for purchase straight from the app.


4.     Albert.

Darting from client to client can mean freelance admin and invoicing is easily forgotten by the busy make-up artist. There are a number of emerging apps being built to ease the load, but nothing quite as useful as the innovative invoicing app Albert.

Albert enables you to create professional, branded invoices in the palm of your hand. Free, easy to use and beautifully designed, Albert makes your life easier by helping you get ahead of the game - whether you are having a quick breather between clients, or travelling on your daily commute, invoices can be created and sent. Everything is there to enable you to get paid easily in a few short clicks, keeping your business ticking over while you work away.


5.     Cocoa Swatches

In an industry historically criticized for catering to a limited spectrum of skin tones, Cocoa Swatches is another long-awaited move forward. The baby of Beauty Blogger Ofunne Amaka, this app showcases the latest and greatest make-up through a series of swatches as seen on skin, focusing on underrepresented ethnicities. Predicting how products will look on different skin tones can be difficult – this app was created to help you get it right. Simple and straightforward to use, Cocoa Swatches also offers Beauty tutorials and tips for all women.


6.     YouTube.

YouTube is a modern day muse for make-up. With practitioners including fashion favourites Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury, as well as popular vloggers Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr giving away their secrets, YouTube is brimming with inspiration from the industry’s brightest stars. If you want Adele’s signature look, why not learn from it from Michael Ashton, the man who created it?

If you’re looking for the best beauty products released this month, why not visit girl-next-door Zoella’s vlog for answers, viewed by over 9.9 million subscribers? All these talents are available to be seen first-hand on YouTube. Watch their application techniques, listen to their product picks and get the inside take on the latest trends straight from the people who set them.