Work anywhere with Albert: A name + logo without chains.

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When we started Albert, we took working from different locations for granted. In fact, the first idea for Albert started in the morning sun at a breakfast table in California (a very different setting than most of our breakfasts in London!). 

Being freelancers ourselves, travelling around the world, having lived and worked across Europe and North-America, we chatted about the pains and hassles of getting our finances done for our own little, one-man enterprises. This had been echoed by many of our freelancing friends. Coming from a background of building super-simple, but powerful mobile apps, we could not believe there was no easy-to-use app that could help with this. 

We fundamentally believe that people like to be independent and free in their own choice. This relates to where people go and live. But it is also about work: about choosing your work, with whom you work, and where you work. Without any chains.

An important piece of work is getting paid for it, and unfortunately doing all the boring admin work. The rise of desktop and cloud computing started to offer complicated beasts of applications, displacing the feeling of being free. Instead, we wanted to create a super-simple help that changes the way people work for themselves: back to the essential of being independent.


Meet Albert - A friendly help rather than a tool.

The first wave of finance or accounting software resulted in impersonal, overly complex, financial tools. That’s right: Tools. Every product felt like a complicated tool that needs to be learned. It doesn’t feel like a friendly aid; It doesn’t feel like being your buddy.

We created something more human, easy, for people who love their work, and that can help them wherever they are. Albert makes you feel free, independent and without constraints. That’s why Albert lives on your mobile, and has a unique, super-simple design that is modelled around a concept we all know: a to-do list. Albert has many smart little features - such as UK company lookup and automatic file organisation - that makes life on the move just better than anything else.

logo albert

We created a logo mark to go with this, that makes finances feel human, close to you, and a help to you. We wanted Albert to feel close to any self-employed person, whether you’re somebody who loves helping others feel beautiful, creating movies, building houses, leading projects, or walking dogs. The wonderful designers from Moreair helped us out to create our beloved logo, that reinforces the characterful naming used for our successful new financial app.


It’s not about changing how the office looks;
it’s about changing how you look at the office.

We have a unique team culture, with a little different and special view on the world. We are all freelancers ourselves. And we think your own place is more important than a place with colourful bean bags and a football table. As an example, some of our recurring working locations include:

  • East and West London, UK
  • Manchester- UK
  • Cheshire - UK
  • Lichtenvoorde - Netherlands
  • Brighton - UK
  • Madrid - Spain
  • Cagliary - Italy.


"We think your own place is more important than a place with colourful bean bags and a football table."


Our users are from all across the UK, have all kinds of nationalities, and have jobs at all ends of the spectrum. We work with people for the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and Serbia. Our top adviser often dials in from France, and our investment team has at least 6 nationalities. 

We feel extremely privileged to work with people from different cultures and locations, but we also think this is work like it should be: free, independent and without chains.