The Ultimate Guide to Be An Effective Freelancer

Many people find a unique satisfaction in the flexibility and convenience freelancing has to offer. However, what is more pressing isn’t the matter of becoming a freelancer, but instead becoming an effective freelancer.

It takes several years to master skills and techniques that help you become more efficient and effective, however, through persistent pursuit and trial and error, you will eventually become successful.


 "Through persistent pursuit and trial and error, you will eventually become successful"


For most of the part, freelancer are busy because they have to juggle their business and its administration at the same time. Several freelancers lose out time on trying organize their business rather than, focusing upon the projects. All aspects of your business need to be catered to and performed in the most efficient manner so that you can prosper and grow over time. Here are 4 tips that will help you transform into an efficient freelancer.


The most important is the ability of managing your time

It is in your best interest to focus on one thing at a time rather than multitasking. By concentrating on a particular task, you will be able to get it done instantly. Undivided focus can be obtained by either writing down tasks, setting a timer or eliminating distractions.


"It is in your best interest to focus on one thing at a time rather than multitasking"


What’s more, you need to have control over how long you work. It’s best to take 10 minute breaks during a lengthy session in order to revive your focus and refresh your mind. Step outside and breathe the fresh air and forget about work during your 10 minute break.

For more ways of learning how to focus on one thing at a time, take a look at Pomodoro Technique.


Estimate How Long A Task Takes

It is most likely that most of your days as a freelancer will disappear into thin air and you will be left wondering where did all that time go. Therefore, it is imperative that you begin estimating how long every task takes.

According to Parkinson’s Law, the amount of time set to accomplish a certain set of tasks will reflect on the amount of energy utilised. For example, if you decide that it will take about 30 minutes to answer your emails, your energy will satisfy the amount of time you have decided upon.

Develop a Schedule

Try to batch together similar tasks which will help you get things done quickly and you will find it easier to create a schedule. It isn’t easy to become a freelancer because not only do you benefit from working for yourself but it also comes with several responsibilities. From looking for new opportunities, performing maintenance to paying taxes, responding to emails and much more, as a freelancer you will wear many hats. It is highly recommended to create a schedule daily, weekly and monthly for your business.


Organising Your Finances

Another crucial aspect of your business is keeping a track of your finances efficiently. Rather than hiring an accountant to do your finances, a better alternative is to invest in the right tools that will help manage your finances. We offer a free app that organizes your invoices andstores them in Dropbox for you. To get things done quicker, it will also send the invoices directly to your clients without having to worry about the details of the client.

Let us know more about your organization and see whether our app can help you!