Invoicing on the go helps your cash flow, saves time, and looks more professional.

One of the greatest joys – and unfortunately also headaches sometimes – is invoicing your clients. Sending your invoices from your mobile while you are on the road, brings amazing time and cost advantages. More than most people think. And these are some key reasons:

1. Quicker invoicing has bigger effect than payment terms.

Send your invoice immediately on the same day as you finished your job (instead of waiting to sort out your piling paper work of the next weekends). Research shows how this brings key advantages. Read more here:


2. Use travel and weekend time smarter.

An average UK worker spends over 211 hours commuting per year. (that’s more than a full working month!). Sorting your invoices during travel or any other time waiting, makes better use of this time, and saves precious time at home.


3. Look more professional towards your clients.

Responding immediately and without any delay to customers looks more professional and shows the attention you give to them. People like projects to end in an appropriate way, instead of dragging along. Sending the invoice a week after project completion - or even later -, looks like you care less about bringing your client’s project to a good closing. Invoicing immediately after the project instead, conveys a professional and smart image.


Bringing these advantages to the hard-working people has always been Albert’s philosophy. Unlike complicated accounting software or old-fashioned spreadsheets, Albert is a super-simple mobile app that helps you with invoicing quickly and efficiently.


* iPhone only (Register here if you like to hear when the Android app is coming).