How To Get Your Very First Job As A Freelancer

Many freelancers face the dilemma of finding their first job.  So, how do you find it? How can a client trust the quality of your work, if you don’t have any recommendations? In this article, you will find answers to these questions as well as any other query you might have regarding getting your very first job as a freelancer.


1.    Build an Impressive Portfolio.

The very first step is to create a unique portfolio. Something that focuses on what sets you apart from the rest and how your skill set can make a huge impact on your client’s project. You need to identify the skills that will give you a competitive edge over your rivals. Is it your time management skills or your creative approach? Support your skills by providing samples of your work.

Don’t forget to mention the jobs that you have successfully done so that clients are aware of your scope and achievements. For instance, if you are a designer or a photographer, you can portray your previous works on websites such as, Behance or Redbubble.


¨Focus on what sets you apart from the rest"


Once you have completed your portfolio, do not forget to ask your friends to share your work on social media. Promoting your work on social media will get you massive attention and attract potential clients based on the number of followers you have.  And who knows? You might get your first shot!


2.    Create Work Profiles for Online Platforms.

Register yourself on websites like,,  or and increase your chances of getting your very first job. These online platforms enable you to advertise yourself to clients all over the world. Upload your previous sample works, including work done at Behance or Redbubble. This will create a positive impression in the eyes of prospective clients.


3.    Develop a Professional Blog.

Creating your own professional blog can do wonders for you. You can upload all your projects and talk about the processes and strategies you used to accomplish each, in a detailed manner. This will help ignite curiosity amongst your clients and they will be intrigued to know more about your capabilities. However, keep in mind that managing a blog requires undivided attention, time and effort.

Are you willing to sacrifice all that in order to get your very first job? Remember, unless your professional blog is not engaging and interesting, there is no point in building one then because you are unlikely to attract any clients. You need a lucid strategy, which will list down what your target is? What type of clients you want to address? What kind of content will you upload and much more.

It is essential that you always create quality content related to your line of work, bringing new ideas whenever possible. You also need to decide the frequency at which you will post on your blog. Always be available for questions and concerns that visitors may have. Never underestimate your fans as they can be a source through which you can increase followers over social media. They might as well recommend you to somebody who is looking for your capabilities.


"Never underestimate your fans as they can be a source through which you can increase followers over social media"


Final tip.

Start following other freelancers on social media platforms, who belong to the same skill set as yours. This gives you insight into knowing more about how things are done in your field of expertise and a better understanding of how to promote your abilities in the best possible way. Don’t forget that being recognised on social media and digital platforms will boost your chances of getting your first job.

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