Photographer and Zoolander launch camera man about freelance friendships.


We had a lovely chat with freelance cinematographer and photographer Felice Gioia, about his work, freelancing, friendships during work, and Albert.



1. Hi  Felice ! What type of shooting do you do, and what do you love the most?

Felice: Hi, i do different kind of shoots, mainly depending on the cameraman I'm collaborating with or the production I'm working for. Corporate, music videos, short films, independent feature films, commercials, cooking/food shoot.. I'd say I prefer fiction, more motivating and challenging. Music videos are usually good fun, but often with no much money involved. Also food is great to shoot, behaves much better than actors and you have the best catering guaranteed. Corporates are definitely the last on the list, but in their defence, are really easy (usually just half day of shooting) and well paid. 

As we speak, I'm just back from a shoot for MTV, for the launch of  Zoolander 2. That was a bit a sum of all the good aspects: fun, some old friends and familiar faces on board, short hours, well paid, unexpected role as an extra.


2. What do you find the most interesting about your work?

Felice: It's never repetitive. Situations, problems, locations and most of all, people, you have to deal with are always different. You're constantly learning, not just from a technical and creative point of view, but also in terms of social dynamics, stress and pressure management and all those things that make set life magic but also very difficult sometimes. 

Another beautiful aspect of this job, specially on long shoot, is how fast you can build really close friendships. The crew become some sort of family and every wrap gets always a bit emotional. 


3. Why did you start as a freelancer?

Felice: It kind of happened. I didn't really choose it. Also, in this industry is probably the most common way to be. It's great in terms of freedom, but it's also not as safe as working for a big company. 


4. How does Albert help you with your freelance finances?

Felice: I just discovered Albert. And I reckon it's a good friend to have with you if you're freelance and it's all on your shoulder. A bit like a personal assistant or a secretary, who keeps you on track. Easy to use, stores and orders your invoices, access to pretty much all the companies details, constantly updated, so no more need to go back to old emails, call sheets, etc. Also a good reminder for late payments, which are unfortunately very common in this industry.