Changing life. A Dutch make-up artist about her new start in London.

Wiesje Weeber is an enthusiastic, young Dutch make-up artist in London. Last year, she decided that the world has more to bring: she courageously quit her job in the small Dutch town of Lichtenvoorde (where keeping a job is more often the norm) and told her family and friends from one day to the other, she was going to move her career forward in one of the European capitals of fashion, London.

The Albert team had a chat with her about her steps, starting in London, and why she's a big fan of the Albert app being free for starting freelancers.


1. Hi Wiesje, why did you make your big step to move to a new city in a new country?

Wiesje: Hey! Well, I was working in the beauty scene in the Netherlands for 6,5 years. I had the feeling that I couldn't develop anymore, I felt stuck and I was looking for a new, big challenge! The beauty industry in London is so big and exciting, and i really love the city of London. Thats why I made the choice to quit my job and move to London! All by myself, and without any plans prepared yet!


2. What do you love about being a makeup artist?

Wiesje: What I love is that I help people feeling good about themselves! Because you make the people feel even prettier than they already are. And you help making the best things shine even more! It is a lovely thing to do. Every day is different with meeting different people… That makes each week a lot of fun! And, I get to work with a lot of great people.


3. What were your first questions when you started working the UK?

Wiesje: When I arrived in the UK I had a lot of questions… Things like renting a room, how to get a phone number. I'd need a doctor, a dentist... and also a bank account and a NI number. I wanted to go to a gym too ( well, that was a idea…; ) ). How about the travel costs? … So many questions!

And of course, also a lot of questions about my job: What does working as a freelancer mean? How do I earn money and get paid? How do I find the right people in the industry?

My advice: Ask as many people as you can! Thank god for all the lovely people who helped me with everything. I found a lot on the internet when people told me what to look for, and also the offer to help from freelance organisations such as The Freelancer Club was super kind.


4. You came across our app Albert. What was your impression?

Wiesje: The biggest challenge when starting to work in a new place without knowing everything yet, is understanding all the cost implications. Because in the beginning you have to save money as much as possible of course, because you don't know what is going to happen. Albert is free and therefore is perfect for people - like me - who are just starting. It is simple, and a great app for new freelancers in the UK!


Thanks Wiesje! Good luck with your first year in London!
Looking forward to stay in touch.

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