A Brand New Look.

Albert's mission is to ban boring invoices! This week Albert launched three cool, new features to make your invoices look even better:

  1. Add a logo to your invoices in just three taps.  
  2. A polished email design to look even better in your client's inbox.
  3. A new fresh look for the generated PDF document of the invoice.

Adding your logo to your invoices, and make them look good in your client's inbox might have been a daunting task in the past. The team of Albert researched carefully on how to create invoices with your logo in the simplest way that will look great and impress your clients across mobile, tablets and desktop, and across all the important browsers. 

So how is this done? It’s quite simple! Click on the settings option in the app, or access a new invoice screen and click on the ‘Add logo’ icon and select an existing picture or take a new picture like you're used to from other apps.


See in 15 secs how you can add a logo to your invoice in a few taps:

Now try it for yourself!