Announcing the HQ private beta.


This Wednesday April 22nd we will announce the private beta of the HQ app. This will happen at the Django tech event at Wayra (sponsored by our friends from Yoyo Wallet). We’re thrilled to be accompanied by our friend Niels van Eck, who is joining us from Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco. He will share his vast experience with startups across Europe, East and West-coast US. See below for his bio.

The next day April 23rd we will start rolling out the beta app exclusively to our first super-heroes.

Register if you'd like to try our app too!


About Niels.

Niels is a tech lead in the Ads team at Twitter HQ. In his 5 years with Twitter he has built the system that aggregates most of the company's ad revenue, as well as several other systems that make up the financial back-end of Twitter Ads.

Before Twitter he was at Cooliris, a Palo Alto startup that built a 3D photo browser extension and the official photo gallery app that Google shipped with Android Eclair to over 40 million smartphones, and Tangoe, an Enterprise startup that focusses on managing corporate telecom expenses.  He’s Dutch, but–after spending 14 years in the United States, first on the east coast and now in the Bay Area–slowly becoming American.

He'll present some software engineering and startup related lessons he has picked up during his time in the US (think UX, flavors of Integers, security etc) and maybe show why owls are better than cats.


Event: Django tech event:

Sponsor: Yoyo wallet:

Date: Wednesday 22nd April, 19:00.

Location: Wayra, London.