Great places to work from: Fix 126.

Having a cool new office space has one little drawback. We have spent less time exploring great coffee places. Fix is one of them! It’s a popular place in the heart of Shoreditch. We have worked there on designs and code, and had meetings with people. Great coffee, and the little bench outside make it complete.

The setting.

Fix 126 is the smaller brother of Fix. It packs loads of seats, which are rather well organized. The tables and chairs feels as they’re coming from junior school, not leaving a lot of space for a proper laptop with a coffee on the side. The shop is buzzing with good views on the street, without ever becoming too loud or busy, making it quite energetic and relaxing at the same time.



When you’re looking for a place to work from for a short while, and you’re in the area, then this is your place. It’s perfect to sit down for 45 mins. The Wi-fi is complimentary, however you need to ask for a code which expires after 60 mins (at times it can feel like someone is watching your coffee consumption…).

In the 10 times I went there I’ve never had an issue in finding a place to sit, and happily worked away for an hour or so. Because of the small tables it’s a bit awkward to work with more people as you instantly take up more space in the small coffee shop.

The coffee.

The menu serves all the basic coffee options with some twists. It probably is one of the best coffees (cappuccinos, lattes, and flat whites) we ever had: uncannily smooth. Mostly not too warm, which means you can’t leave it too long, if you don’t like drinking cold coffee. A basic set of pastries which look and are quite tasty.


Web & Location.

126 Curtain Road               

London, EC2A 3PJ          

Mon-Fri                 7am-7pm

Weekend               8am-7pm     

Phone: 020 7033 9555

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