YEE-HA! HQ joins O2/Telefonica's accelerator Wayra.

We are thrilled and we want to share!  We are...

  • ...starting an 8-month journey with our friends/experts at Wayra, and our amazing fellow talented entrepreneurs.
  • ...part of the 1.6% of startups that are accepted into this program.
  • ...excited about all the product and business ideas that Wayra and HQ will explore together.
  • living in Wayra's super cool startup office space near Tottenham Court Road.
  • ...close to a first closed-beta, and that is only 3 months since we quit our job, and worked from coffee shops since then (yeah, yeah..... cliché, but true).

Hear more...

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Come visit us!

Wayra UK office
Shropshire House
2-10 Capper Street
London WC1E 6JA.