Great places to work from: Sawyer & Gray.

Sawyer & Gray is a little gem located just a 5 minute walk from Highbury & Islington Station in London. It has a warming private atmosphere, set over 2 floors, cozy corners to work in, great staff and of course.....awesome coffee!!!

The Inside

The interior is a mix between trendy retro and home made. Thoughtfully placed props like vintage radios contrast fashionable wooden furniture. Downstairs has inviting little corners (almost like caves) where you can relax, read a book and quietly get on with some work.


Sawyer & Gray is a great place to sit down for a couple of hours and work away. The Wifi is good, even during bust periods. The music contemporary and not too loud, the perfect mix for a productive afternoon!

The Coffee

The selection of coffees is what you would expect from a great London coffee shop, and is all prepared by their experienced friendly and fun baristas. If you need a sugar rush to help you work they have selection of amazing home made cakes. If you need something a bit more their menu offer some great snacks, all prepared in their own open kitchen downstairs.

Web & Location
5 minutes away from Highbury Islington station..


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