Whilst waiting in L.A. airport, founders Dan and Ivo could not believe there was no easy solution on their phone to check out their freelance finances. Or even better, why their phone was not checking their finances for them.

The prospect of arriving back in the UK on a Sunday morning and spending their time in front of a spreadsheet instead of their friends and families sounded ridiculous. Being fans of super-simple productivity apps, on one of the trips back across the Atlantic, they built a prototype of how they thought finances should work on a mobile, which they showed to self-employed friends. These friends asked if they could have it the same day, and that's when Dan and Ivo quit their jobs to start Albert.

We believe in people's freedom

People thrive when they can do what they love from their favourite place: Free minds do great things. We saw this first-hand as freelancers and working around the globe on cool stuff. Our team values each individual's talent and at the same time is extremely collaborative, in a way that works the best for each one of us. 


We care a lot about building the best product

The best products are simple, of high-quality and beautiful. The only way technology can help as many people as possible is by being approachable and trusted. Albert is one of the very few tech startups in the UK that is founded by an engineer and a designer, which is a testament to our product DNA. We love building products people love. This shows in the many five-star ratings Albert receives from its users.


We believe people should not be stressed about their finances  

Finances play an important part in everyone's lives. Most financial and accounting products however - designed by financial experts and accountants - alienate people, which is crazy considering you deal with these every day. This must change. Albert aims to make finances accessible, simple and easy to understand. This demands a different way of thinking.

Our team

Our team members have created award-winning, and advanced mobile products for the BBC, Natwest, Ubuntu, medical device company Medtronic, and Mercedes. Our products won numerous awards, including the Cannes Golden Lion, BIMA Innovation and Best of Mobile World Congress. We also built the first UK banking app to be featured by Google, and helped successful startups with their growth to acquisition.

Dan Bruce   Founder - Engineering

Dan Bruce

Founder - Engineering

Ivo Weevers   Founder - Design

Ivo Weevers

Founder - Design

Mark Bruce   Lead iPhone Engineer

Mark Bruce

Lead iPhone Engineer

Phil Bunnell   Quality Assurance Lead

Phil Bunnell

Quality Assurance Lead

Naga Vardhani   Quality Assurance Engineer

Naga Vardhani

Quality Assurance Engineer

Tara Tate   Communications & Design

Tara Tate

Communications & Design

Pierre-Henri Outtier   Head of Marketing

Pierre-Henri Outtier

Head of Marketing

Ka-Mei Cheung   Product Design    

Ka-Mei Cheung

Product Design


Albert is backed by the early investors from Skype and Wix, and some of the UK's most successful tech entrepreneurs.. Albert successfully graduated from Telefonica's startup program Wayra, and Accenture's program Fintech Innovation Lab. 


We are based in the super cool NatWest Accelerator space in the RBS building, within the heart of Angel, Islington, London. 


Albert is designed, engineered and marketed by HQ Mobile Ltd.

HQ Mobile Limited is a registered business in the United Kingdom with number 09153885.